Thrilling incidents

Dynamic issuing missions and emergencies brings suprising situations to the player.

Overwhelming maps

The player is responsible for the cities of Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne which is available in the Deluxe version of EMERGENCY 5. Each city is modeled with attention to detail.

More than 20 different emergency vehicles

The player awaits many vehicles of the police departement, fire department, ambulance and technical forces.

New single and multiplayer modes

In single-player mode campaign mode, challenge mode and the free game mode are available. For multiplayer rounds there is a co-op mode for up to four players on the Free Play cards but also special multiplayer events are available. For the first time players are able to play against each other.

New graphical effects

The newly developed engine provides the best EMERGENCY graphics ever. Not a single byte, not a pixel was taken over by the predecessors!

Complex game world

The game world of EMERGENCY 5 is a complex simulation in which unforeseen events and various approaches are possible everytime.

Powerful editor

With the new EMERGENCY 5 editor tool, players can create their own maps and even working together on the same project for the first time.