Experience new! How to find and install a mod

Where to get mods and how to install them.

Download mods

You can download official and featured community mods directly from the EMERGENCY 2017 modding page. Or have a look into the community forums linked there.

Install mods

A downloadable mod is a ZIP file containing all data of the modification in apacked form. To install the mod, start EMERGENCY 2017 and go to the menu "Modifications". There you can drag and drop a downloaded ZIP file into the window, and it will get installed automatically:
  • Select the ZIP file in Windows Explorer and left-click it without releasing the left mouse button.
  • While still holding down the left mouse button, dra the ZIP file into the EMERGENCY 2017 modifications window.
  • Release the left mouse button there and the mod will appear here listed as an installed modification.

Activate mods

A newly installed mod is still inactive and does not have any effects on the game. Use the modifications window to activate or deactivate mods, by setting or unsetting the check box to the left of the mod's line. Then exit the window with "Ok", so your changes get saved.
When you start the game, the checked mods get activated. The effect of this depends on the mod, it can be e.g. new available maps in the "free play" menu or changed vehicle graphics inside the game.