EMERGENCY 20 Mac out now

New Patch for all Mac versions

EMERGENCY 20 is finally available for Mac users. You can get EMERGENCY 20 in the Mac App Store or as an in-app purchase in EMERGENCY 2017 right now. Owners of EMERGENCY 5 can first upgrade to EMERGENCY 2017 and then to EMERGENCY 20. Owners of EMERGENCY 20 on Steam have access to the Mac version right now!

With EMERGENCY 20 you can enjoy the ten classic missions from EMERGENCY 1 to 4 in modern graphics and the informative videos with EMERGENCY-creator Ralph Stock on the Mac too. Enjoy the atmosphere of some of the best missions from 20 years of EMERGENCY and figure out the best rescue strategy in the three difficulty levels!

At the same time we are bringing the mac versions to the same technical version as the PC versions, making all the improvements of Patch 4.1.0 available for Apple customers.

You can find the patchnotes here.