It's wintertime in EMERGENCY HQ

The ski resort is open and the K-9 Rescue Dog joins your team

It's wintertime in EMERGENCY Land. Snow covers your base and the mountain ski resort is open for business!

Your K-9 Rescue Dog is needed in many new missions. Use the new unit to find injured and buried victims and point your team in the right direction! Get Thank You Posts from rescued victims and use them to unlock and train the K-9 unit!

Upgrade your HQ to stage 8 and unlock new upgrades for your depots and challenging missions!

Use the new Replay function to play a mission you just finished again. Improve your completion times, earn new medals and get the rewards again.

Build your own winter market! Decorate your base with market stalls, sugar canes and trees! The Ice Rink is the season's special attraction. As long as it is winter in EMERGENCY HQ, the Rink functions as a Super-Antenna and Super-Monument rolled into one: All your depots will generate and store 500% more coins for the duration!

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