Release Notes 2023.11.07.7

New update with huge price reduction!


We have listened to our community and have decided to adjust our prices based on your feedback to improve your experience.

  • We have put together 5 brand new packages for you - grab them while they're hot!
    • (1) Welcome Pack
    • (2) Power Pack
    • (3) Expert Pack
    • (4) Lifesaver Pack
    • (5) Hero Pack
  • Alert Mode price reduction:
    • 1 Day - 200EM to 100EM
    • 3 Day - 500EM to 250EM
    • 7 Day - 1000EM to 500EM
    • 31 Day -  4000EM to 1500EM
  • Power-ups price reduction:
    • Team Spirit - 100EM to 40EM
    • Broadcast (former Press Officer) - 100EM to 40EM
    • Verticopter - 50EM to 30EM
  • Global cards price reduction:
    • Rare Global Cards - 50EM to 30EM
    • Uncommon Global Cards  - 50EM to 20EM
  • Improved discount for global card bundles and consumable bundles:
    • Global Card Bundle
      • S - 400EM to 250EM
      • M - 1800EM to 1100EM
      • L - 3200EM to 2000EM
    • Consumable Bundle
      • S - 1600EM to 600EM
      • M - 4800EM to 1200EM
      • L - 8500EM to 2000EM
    • Verticopter Bundle
      • S - 450EM to 275EM
      • M - 850EM to 500EM
      • L - 2000EM to 1100EM
      • XL - 3850EM to 2100EM
    • Anti-Stress Boost (former Press Officer)
      • S - 450EM to 280EM
      • M - 850EM to 500EM
      • L - 2000EM to 950EM
      • XL - 3850EM to 1700EM
    • Team Spirit
      • S - 450EM to 280EM
      • M - 850EM to 500EM
      • L - 2000EM to 950EM
      • XL - 3850EM to 1700EM


  • Global Cards
    • Fire Prevention:
      • Changed rarity from epic to rare
    • Anti-Stress Boost (former Press Officer):
      • Changed rarity from epic to rare
      • Chaos can escalate by an additional +2000 (previously +1000) before the Chaos timer starts
    • Rescue Lane:
      • Increased move speed to +20 (previously +15)
    • Handtame: 
      • Changed rarity from epic to uncommon 
    • Reduce Gazer:
      • Changed rarity from rare to uncommon 
    • Reduce Slot Cooldown:
      • Now reduces slot cooldown by 75% (previously 50%)


  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7511: Paramedics who reach an injured person who has already been healed now pick them up directly instead of briefly treating them again
    • ID 7762: Person hanging in the air at the "Mafia tries to drown VIP" mission has been grounded
    • ID 7227: Fire extinguishers will now correctly reduce the displayed damage radius of fire


  • Changed the name of the Press Officer consumable and Press Officer Global Card for a clearer distinction
    • Consumable: Press Officer -> Broadcast
    • Global Card: Press Officer -> Anti-Stress Boost
  • Fixed bugs
    • Fixed localization issues which became known to us


  • Our SWAT officers have been given an improved uniform (with skin variants) to cut a better figure in operations
  • Added flares to Verticopters for better visibility
  • Photo mode: Added mouse wheel zoom
  • Added DLSS frame generation support
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 6797: Fix injured people's clothes' color changing when being picked up by a paramedic
    • ID 8018: Fixed SWAT vehicle skin artifacts
    • ID 8097: Disable the interface setting "Show Action Particles" while the photo mode is active

User Interface

  • New Ranking UI - Check your current rank in the leaderboard or have a look at other player profiles
  • Players you recently played with but are are not (yet) friends with will now be displayed in the party invite list
  • Various minor improvements
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7330: Corrected the tooltip of the timer when the chaos timer is paused
    • ID 7419: Daily login reward reset communication has been improved
    • ID 7529: Chat messages will now wait for the sender's name to be known instead of being displayed instantly as from an unknown player
    • ID 7577: Fixed injured unit icon not disappearing sometimes if the unit was healed off screen
    • ID 7595: Fixed card strength display inside the briefing which didn't show a full bar for 100 percentage
    • ID 7896: Fixed occasional false display of a shift with "player level too low" if playing in a party
    • ID 7930: Fixed flipped player profile avatar icons in the player statistics screen during debriefing
    • ID 8054: Inadvertent consumption of consumables in the Pause menu or Settings menu is now being prevented
    • ID 8100: Minor consumable position adjustments to reduce the risk of activating a consumable by accident in stressful situations


  • Added Polish siren sounds which are used with the origin skin and Polish language (special thanks to @PL CRASH for providing us with the sound files)
  • Fixed bugs
    • ID 7590: Sirens will now play until the destination has been reached and won't stop earlier or later.
    • ID 7962: There was no siren audio effect when using Simplified Chinese, Brazilian-Portuguese or Polish language and a default skin


  • Updated from Unreal Engine 5.1 to 5.2.1
  • Fixed bugs
    • Crash fixes based on received crash dumps sent via the crash report dialog
    • ID 7582: Players with their Steam privacy settings set to private will now correctly receive group invitations, whether they are in-game or not.
    • ID 7956: Pings are now available in singleplayer mode as well (in this mode without anti-spam protection)